water refinery

Today, due to the importance of water quality, both in drinking and industrial consumption, it has a special importance and every day I see new developments and improvements in water treatment systems. Knowing the importance of water quality in various industries, Trace Company is ready to manufacture and design water production systems with Kurdish quality, dear customers.

Filter press filter press

Filter press – filter press – (filter press): filter press machine – filter press – a set of plates usually square (filter press plates) made of polypropylene, aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron, whose main task is to keep Medium filter (filter filter cloth – filter press paper) and create a space for cake formation by filtration.


Filtration in most chemical processes can be called process bottlenecks. Given that in production processes (mineral, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, etc.) the quality of the product is directly dependent on the filtration conditions, this indicates the importance of filtration. We specialize in the knowledge of filtration and equipment needed to optimize operating conditions and production costs.

About us: Safi Gostar Iranian Company (TRIS)
Safi Gostar Iranian Company (TRIS) with a young and specialized staff and with the aim of improving filtration systems and water and wastewater treatment and replacing modern methods and solving the problem of industrial units in this field has started its activities and in a short time since Its work is successful in various projects in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, beverage and food industries, cosmetics, adhesives and resins and metal industries. Specialists of Safi Gostar Iranian Company (TRIS) are ready to consult and design and manufacture filtration systems. And have water and sewage treatment and disinfectant. The products of Safi Gostar Iranian Company (TRIS) are classified into five sections: filtration, water purification, wastewater treatment, disinfectants and sorbents. The main products of this company are as follows